Time Attendance & Access Control Solutions

We ensure that the right solution is implemented in the right place.
We specialise in solutions for large workforces with complex shift rosters.
We provide seamless intergrations between:

    Asset Management
    Key Control
    Security Monitoring Systems

Mining Specific Solutions

The mining industry has special needs with respect to Access Control and Time & Attendance. These include items such as:

    Cage Management
    Complex Shift Rosters
    Health & Safety controls
    Enforcing Personal Protective Equipment
    Locomotive Key Controls
    Restricting Illegal Mining Accessability

Enterprise Wide Solutions

Most organizations with multiple branches and offices geographic dispersed, need to manage Access Control from a centralized solution, rather than seperate solutions for all branches.

This will avoid seperate registration processes, multiple card issuing and alleviates unneccessary duplication of administration.

Mission Critical Solution

Where Area Clearance or Access Control is critical to your business we have a tried & tested proven track record of supplying solutions that can manage such environments.
Where you have payroll with a large workforce we can ensure a system that optimizes payroll renumerations.

24/7 x 365 Infrastructure Monitoring Services

Our friendly & effecient support team are always on hand to assist.
Our built-in monitoring systems immediately alert us to any and all issues that should arise, thus ensuring minimal down-time

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Leading Edge Security Solutions

We partner with world-class Access & Security Control hardware which includes some which have been approved by the USA Customs & the FBI.
Whether you need:

    Card Control
    Biometric Fingers, Palms , Veins
    Biometric Iris & Facial Recognition

We have a solution for you.

Cloud Based Solutions

Reliable IT infrastructure requires guaranteed power and qualified IT technicians readily available. IT infrastucture is expensive and quickly becomes outdated.
We can assist in the optimization of your IT capital outlay by hosting our solutions and making them available to you from the Cloud.

In addition, you will have access to skilled technicians and services to give you peace of mind.

Partners & Clients

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